Session 11

Previously on SBK...


A quiet drink at the the Wand and Fig has proven to be more fraught with drama than expected.

After being given a distinct cold shoulder by the normally delightful Tamara, Constantine has discovered that Nina, a previous lover, may be pregnant with his child and has been cast out of the Wand and Fig.

Boris received unwelcome news from the drunken clown, Zakar that a mysterious man, possibly named Geddeon, was asking after him at the Tsirk Shustov.

Meanwhile Sydmoi has realised that his chief rival for the hand of Arabella Satshchèa Chernekova, the detestable weak chinned Leon Orbeli, is carousing in the next door snug!


ramblinwomble_1 ramblinwomble_1

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