Session 17

Previously on SBK...

In an effort to evade the bloodhunters of the Drugenna you have entered into a partnership with the Trezzian Fixer, Njål.

Both Constantine and Sydmoi have received a transfusion of Sanguine-Serybryn, a process that left them both shaken, but which should hide them from bloodseeking spells.

Ejected from Njål’s shop in the early hours of the morning, the trio were waylaid by aggressive members of the Embroider’s guild. Only the brooding intensity of Boris was able to see them off without physical violence.

After an uneventful rest in the Wand and Fig the trio have resolved to return to* Alferov‘s Timely Contrivances* to investigate the sinister albino.


ramblinwomble_1 ramblinwomble_1

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