Session 18

Previously on SBK..

Concerned about the sinister albino Boris met the previous day the trio returned to Alferov‘s Timely Contrivances to confront Andreevna Bershova.
It quickly become apparent that Mistress Bershova had all but forgotten their previous visit and knew nothing of the box or its contents. It was clear that the young woman who may have trailed the trio the previous day was not in the workshop.

While Sydmoi employed a cunning ruse to distract Mistress Bershova, Boris quizzed the workshop foreman, Marlen, about the young woman.

Boris learned that the woman is named Juliya and she was only recently taken on as an apprentice by the Mistress, at whose recommendation Marlen is unsure. Juliya left the workshop yesterday and didn’t return. If she had, Marlen was fairly sure she would have been let go not only did she lack many basic engineering skills but he had also caught her looking through the mistress’s private folios.

Armed with this information Boris puts out the word with his contacts to try and track the elusive Juliya down.


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