Session 19

Previously on SBK...

You were engaged to recover a locked box for Niko the Shiv, which you did. There were complications and a number of people died, including Niko. A mysterious masked woman (or ghost) killed Niko with his own knife and escaped with the contents of the box. You decided Niko’s shop (and parrot) now belonged to you and dumped Niko’s body in the Lensh.
Discovering that you were sought by the Drugenna for acts of terrorism you sought out the Fixer Njål and traded a share of your new shop for a fix to hide you from blood magic.

You have gathered at The Wand and Fig to discuss the progress of Boris’ investigation into the mysterious Julia who knows of his involvement in the box recovery.
Boris has discovered the Juliya may work for Aerin Ignorniviche, a sinister albino and a important supporter of the master engineer, Nikolai Ramanski. Ramanski is building a fabulous airship for Furstinna Elizaveta.
Boris is also concerned as Yevheniya, one of his contacts who was investigating Juliya, has failed to check in.


The word on the street is The Embroider’s Guild is still upset about the run in the previous evening and is looking for payback.

The Drugenna are apparently rounding up rank and file members of the Zerglov banda following the explosion outside Matvey’s laboratory. This has not stopped the Lady of Tides from offering a huge sum of money for information about who was in the alley when her sister was killed.

Olya has inform Sydmoi that the Veshcheskov banda want their month protection money for Yasha’s Preowned Goods. Sydmoi has decides to forgo fixing one of his windows and to commission an artist to paint over the boards with a suitably heroic diorama as a temporary fix.

Sydmoi has also found out that a scandalous rumour that he has stooped to pig farming or night-soil collection to improve his family fortunes has captured the nobility’s attention and that his invitation to the first Autumn Ball of the season at Chateau Popov has been, politely, withdraw. Sydmoi hatches a plan to befriend and educate street urchins in the area of Slaughterhill to turn the rumour to his favour. Constantine suggests that Nina, the maybe mother of his child, could take the role of teacher in Sydmoi’s plan.


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