Session 6

Previously on SBK

Sinister Albino’s, explosions, it’s all on.

In an effort to clear your assorted debts to Niko the Shiv you had recovered a closed box from the disgraced engineer Matvey Alferov. But, you weren’t the only people that wanted the package and things got tense in a face-off with some Zheglov toughs.

While Boris headed back to Yasha’s preowned goods in Tattlelane to summon Niko to a meeting with the Zheglovs, Constantine and Sydmoi faced off against the remaining toughs.

But, before Boris could complete his mission he was intercepted and met a sinister albino who offered him a lot of money to give up the package. He declined.

Meanwhile the Zheglov’s were unfashionably early to the meeting and things could even more tense. Then the alley exploded…


ramblinwomble_1 ramblinwomble_1

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