Session 7

Previously on SBK...

The explosion in the alley is loud enough to be heard across Gelles, even as far away as the Sparrow Gate where Boris has just exited the carriage of the sinister albino. Fearing the worse he rushes back to the alley, over taking a squad of Casokovian musketeers headed in the same direction.

Outside the remains of Matvey’s lab, Sydmoi and Constantine find they are alive, if a bit shaken. The same cannot be said for Satcha Zerglov and many of her fellow gang members.

With Boris’ assistance Sydmoi and Constantine flee through the back of Matvey’s lab before the Casokovian’s can intervene. There is no sign of Matvey’s body in the remains of the lab.

Boris pauses in his escape only long enough to put a knife into the throat of the surviving Zerglov witness who can identify him.

The trio retreat to Sydmoi’s townhouse with the battered, leaking, chest. There Ivan, Sydmoi’s man servant, provides aid as they discuss what to do next.



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