Session 13

Previously on SBK...

Death.jpgEarlier today, after a morning filled with gangsters, sinister albinos, explosions, wytchery, and the sewers, you delivered a locked box to Niko the Shiv to clear your assorted debts.

A quiet drink at the Wand and Fig seemed to be called for after the morning’s excitement. But while relaxing in the tavern you discovered the explosion at Matvey Alferov’s workshop has drawn the attention of the feared forces of Gellesh law, the Dugenna.

Faced with the risk of being magically tied to the crime scene you returned to the one man you know who might be able to help you cover your tracks, Niko the Shiv.

But when you got to Yasha’s Pre-owned Goods it quickly back clear that all was not well.

Now you are in the gloomy clutter of Niko’s shop. Olya, Niko’s body guard is on the floor seemingly unconscious. The box you delivered is open on a table and next to it on the floor is Niko. It seems clear, looking at blood gushing from his throat that he doesn’t have long to live.

From the back of the shop there is the sound of a slamming door.


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