Session 18
Previously on SBK..

Concerned about the sinister albino Boris met the previous day the trio returned to Alferov‘s Timely Contrivances to confront Andreevna Bershova.
It quickly become apparent that Mistress Bershova had all but forgotten their previous visit and knew nothing of the box or its contents. It was clear that the young woman who may have trailed the trio the previous day was not in the workshop.

While Sydmoi employed a cunning ruse to distract Mistress Bershova, Boris quizzed the workshop foreman, Marlen, about the young woman.

Boris learned that the woman is named Juliya and she was only recently taken on as an apprentice by the Mistress, at whose recommendation Marlen is unsure. Juliya left the workshop yesterday and didn’t return. If she had, Marlen was fairly sure she would have been let go not only did she lack many basic engineering skills but he had also caught her looking through the mistress’s private folios.

Armed with this information Boris puts out the word with his contacts to try and track the elusive Juliya down.

Session 17
Previously on SBK...

In an effort to evade the bloodhunters of the Drugenna you have entered into a partnership with the Trezzian Fixer, Njål.

Both Constantine and Sydmoi have received a transfusion of Sanguine-Serybryn, a process that left them both shaken, but which should hide them from bloodseeking spells.

Ejected from Njål’s shop in the early hours of the morning, the trio were waylaid by aggressive members of the Embroider’s guild. Only the brooding intensity of Boris was able to see them off without physical violence.

After an uneventful rest in the Wand and Fig the trio have resolved to return to* Alferov‘s Timely Contrivances* to investigate the sinister albino.

Session 16
Previously on SBK...

Niko the Shiv was a bad man to cross and an even worse man to owe a favour. So when he offered to wipe your associated debts for the one-time bargain cost of picking up a mysterious package you readily agreed.
Needless to say the simple pickup and delivery job soon developed complications,
Following Niko’s death, in an attempt to escape the* blood hunters* of the Drugenna, you have put yourselves in the hands of the Trezzian Fixer, Njål.

Now Sydmoi is tied to a vivisectionists table receiving a transfusion of Sanguine-Serybryn. His screams suggest it’s an unpleasant experience.

Session 15
Previously in SBK...

Niko the Shiv, a minor notable in the ever- shifting underworld of the Sinks, is no more. Wrapped in a cheap Trezzian carpet he, and his Zerglov honour blade, have slipped beneath the fetid waters of the Lensh.

Olya, the new owner of Yasha’s Preowned Goods, has provided you with the name of a Fixer, Njål, working from a cordwainer’s shop in the Sumps who may be able to hide you from the Drugenna’s bloodmage.

Session 14
Previously on SBK...


Niko the Shiv, a minor notable in the ever shifting underworld of the Sinks, is no more.

Returning to Yasha’s Pre-owned Goods to seek help hiding yourselves from the Drugenna, you discovered Niko expiring from a cut throat and his bodyguard, Olya, stunned from a head wound.

While Sydmoi comforted Niko and Constantine subdued an upset parrot, Boris gave chase to a fleeing figure. Pursuing the cloaked and masked figure into a courtyard Boris had time to hurl a dagger at it before it melted into the cobblestones. Shaken, Boris returned to the pawnshop.

Now you have a ledger book with a bloody IV smeared on it, a Zerglov honour blade, a concussed bodyguard and a pissed off parrot.

Still at least Constantine finally got to get cleaned up, even if it was a cold wash in the bath of a dead man.

Session 13
Previously on SBK...

Death.jpgEarlier today, after a morning filled with gangsters, sinister albinos, explosions, wytchery, and the sewers, you delivered a locked box to Niko the Shiv to clear your assorted debts.

A quiet drink at the Wand and Fig seemed to be called for after the morning’s excitement. But while relaxing in the tavern you discovered the explosion at Matvey Alferov’s workshop has drawn the attention of the feared forces of Gellesh law, the Dugenna.

Faced with the risk of being magically tied to the crime scene you returned to the one man you know who might be able to help you cover your tracks, Niko the Shiv.

But when you got to Yasha’s Pre-owned Goods it quickly back clear that all was not well.

Now you are in the gloomy clutter of Niko’s shop. Olya, Niko’s body guard is on the floor seemingly unconscious. The box you delivered is open on a table and next to it on the floor is Niko. It seems clear, looking at blood gushing from his throat that he doesn’t have long to live.

From the back of the shop there is the sound of a slamming door.

Session 12
Previously on SBK...


Earlier today you delivered a locked box to Niko the Shiv to clear your assorted debts.

After a fraught morning involving explosions, magic, gangsters and the sewers a quiet drink at the Wand and Fig seemed to be called for.

But the quiet drink has proven to be anything but.

Constantine has discovered that Nina, a previous lover, may be pregnant with his child. Boris received disturbing news from a drunken clown and Sydmoi has been lambasted by his rival in love, the detestable Leon Orbeli.

Driven to seek revenge for his humiliation Sydmoi set out to commit assault by chamber-pot and it was only the quick thinking of Boris and Constantine that prevented a fetid scene.

Our scene opens with Sydmoi standing in the common room of the Wand & Fig, a jug of ale in one hand, a brimming chamber-pot in the other, as he is bore down upon by Vitaly Sanuk Chernekova, the elder brother of his beloved Arabella.

Session 11
Previously on SBK...


A quiet drink at the the Wand and Fig has proven to be more fraught with drama than expected.

After being given a distinct cold shoulder by the normally delightful Tamara, Constantine has discovered that Nina, a previous lover, may be pregnant with his child and has been cast out of the Wand and Fig.

Boris received unwelcome news from the drunken clown, Zakar that a mysterious man, possibly named Geddeon, was asking after him at the Tsirk Shustov.

Meanwhile Sydmoi has realised that his chief rival for the hand of Arabella Satshchèa Chernekova, the detestable weak chinned Leon Orbeli, is carousing in the next door snug!

Session 10
Previously on SBK...

In an effort to clear your assorted debts to Niko the Shiv you have recovered a closed box from the disgraced engineer Matvey Alferov and returned it to Niko at his shop in Tattlelane.

But you have discovered that you weren’t the only interested parties in Niko’s package.

So far today you’ve faced off against the Zerglov Banda, Wytched Glass Golems and a sinister Albino.

But happily all that is past you now, so on Boris’ recommendation, you’ve retired to the Wand and Fig for a calming glass of what will do you good.

Session 9
Previously on SBK...


In an effort to clear your assorted debts to Niko the Shiv you recovered a closed box from the disgraced engineer Matvey Alferov.
But you have discovered that you aren’t the only interested parties and, so far today, you’ve faced both the Zerglov Banda and bewytched glass golems.

Now you’re in the depths of the New Sewers relying on Boris’, possibly uncertain, memory of a route that will sneak you outside the Oldwall.

In the last few minutes you’ve come upon the beginnings of a ramshackle construction of timber and brick. Over the perpetual drip, drip, drip, of the sewers and you can hear the distorted echoes of voices and, in the distance, you can see a flicker of, perhaps, weak candlelight.


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