Session 2
Previously on SBK...

Niko the Shiv is a bad man to cross and an even worse man to owe a favour to. So when he offered to wipe your associated debts for the one time bargain cost of picking up a package from the Engineer Matvey Alferov for him you readily agreed.

Following Niko’s directions you have discovered that Alferov‘s Timely Contrivances is under new, hostile, management and so have come to the Racked Dog on Liksa Prospect, which is reputed to be Alferov’s local.

Session 3
Previously on SBK...

Following a onetime offer by Niko the Shiv to wipe your associated debts if you pick up a package for him you have tracked the down-on-his-luck Engineer Matvey Alferov to the Racked Dog tavern.

But you’ve hit an apparent snag, Matvey has so far has refused to give you the package. It’s plain to all of you that for some reason that even discussing the box terrifies him. But, even though some of you have done your best to intimidate him, he has yet to agree to hand it over.

Oh, you’ve also refused to tell him who sent you…

Session 4
Previously on SBK...


To clear your assorted debts to Niko the Shiv you tracked down and convinced a drunken Engineer named Matvey Alferov to hand over a mysterious box.
On the way to Alferov’s workshop you spotted a trail, possibly one of Andreevna Bershova’s apprentices, but the woman with the crossbow and the two guys with ziplines were mostly unexpected.

Now you’re in a narrow alleyway.

Matvey has a crossbow bolt in his shoulder, Sydmoi’s hands are full with a potentially dangerous box, Constantine is facing down 2 guys with roof swords and Boris is scaling a wall to try and deal with the crossbow lady.

Session 5
Previously on SBK...


To clear your assorted debts to Niko the Shiv you tracked down the disgraced engineer Matvey Alferov and convinced him to hand over a mysterious box.

In a narrow alleyway outside Alferov’s rundown workshop you faced down three members of the Zheglov Banda and only the quick thinking of Sydmoi headed off a bloodbath.

Now Sidmoi and Constantine are in the alleyway with two Zheglov toughs while Boris is on the way to convince Niko to meet with the Zheglovs in the alley.

Session 6
Previously on SBK

Sinister Albino’s, explosions, it’s all on.

In an effort to clear your assorted debts to Niko the Shiv you had recovered a closed box from the disgraced engineer Matvey Alferov. But, you weren’t the only people that wanted the package and things got tense in a face-off with some Zheglov toughs.

While Boris headed back to Yasha’s preowned goods in Tattlelane to summon Niko to a meeting with the Zheglovs, Constantine and Sydmoi faced off against the remaining toughs.

But, before Boris could complete his mission he was intercepted and met a sinister albino who offered him a lot of money to give up the package. He declined.

Meanwhile the Zheglov’s were unfashionably early to the meeting and things could even more tense. Then the alley exploded…

Session 7
Previously on SBK...

The explosion in the alley is loud enough to be heard across Gelles, even as far away as the Sparrow Gate where Boris has just exited the carriage of the sinister albino. Fearing the worse he rushes back to the alley, over taking a squad of Casokovian musketeers headed in the same direction.

Outside the remains of Matvey’s lab, Sydmoi and Constantine find they are alive, if a bit shaken. The same cannot be said for Satcha Zerglov and many of her fellow gang members.

With Boris’ assistance Sydmoi and Constantine flee through the back of Matvey’s lab before the Casokovian’s can intervene. There is no sign of Matvey’s body in the remains of the lab.

Boris pauses in his escape only long enough to put a knife into the throat of the surviving Zerglov witness who can identify him.

The trio retreat to Sydmoi’s townhouse with the battered, leaking, chest. There Ivan, Sydmoi’s man servant, provides aid as they discuss what to do next.


Session 8
Previously on SBK...


In Sydmoi’s receiving room a daring plan is hatched, involving a decoy chest and sewers. But as the trio begin to put their plan in to motion they realise they are being watched by wytchery from the reflective silver surface of Sydmoi’s coffee carafe.
Before they can make their escape the windows shatter and assemble themselves into Glass Golems.
In a ferocious fight the summonings are overcome, but Sydmoi’s receiving room may never be the same!

Session 9
Previously on SBK...


In an effort to clear your assorted debts to Niko the Shiv you recovered a closed box from the disgraced engineer Matvey Alferov.
But you have discovered that you aren’t the only interested parties and, so far today, you’ve faced both the Zerglov Banda and bewytched glass golems.

Now you’re in the depths of the New Sewers relying on Boris’, possibly uncertain, memory of a route that will sneak you outside the Oldwall.

In the last few minutes you’ve come upon the beginnings of a ramshackle construction of timber and brick. Over the perpetual drip, drip, drip, of the sewers and you can hear the distorted echoes of voices and, in the distance, you can see a flicker of, perhaps, weak candlelight.

Session 10
Previously on SBK...

In an effort to clear your assorted debts to Niko the Shiv you have recovered a closed box from the disgraced engineer Matvey Alferov and returned it to Niko at his shop in Tattlelane.

But you have discovered that you weren’t the only interested parties in Niko’s package.

So far today you’ve faced off against the Zerglov Banda, Wytched Glass Golems and a sinister Albino.

But happily all that is past you now, so on Boris’ recommendation, you’ve retired to the Wand and Fig for a calming glass of what will do you good.

Session 11
Previously on SBK...


A quiet drink at the the Wand and Fig has proven to be more fraught with drama than expected.

After being given a distinct cold shoulder by the normally delightful Tamara, Constantine has discovered that Nina, a previous lover, may be pregnant with his child and has been cast out of the Wand and Fig.

Boris received unwelcome news from the drunken clown, Zakar that a mysterious man, possibly named Geddeon, was asking after him at the Tsirk Shustov.

Meanwhile Sydmoi has realised that his chief rival for the hand of Arabella Satshchèa Chernekova, the detestable weak chinned Leon Orbeli, is carousing in the next door snug!


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