Nobility and Gentry

In Gelles, the title of Furstinna can pass to either a daughter or son. Normally the previous head of the family retires and spends several years as a power behind the throne to their chosen heir.

This has proven to be a very stable form of government and has been adopted, by and large, by the rest of Gelles nobility (the Maximova being a notable exception). However such a “progressive” outlook has yet to catch on in other Wytchland kingdoms and nobles from Gelles are often looked down upon in the wider Wytchlands.

Notable houses

The Sivoski

As a house the Sivoski are known for being quick to anger and sensitive to insult. They are a large extended family.


• Furstinna Elizaveta Asychèa Sivoski

House Maximov

The Maximov are an ancient family. They can trace their bloodline back to Rada “Wall-breaker” Maximov, one of Tsar Irinova’s warleaders.

The Maximov consider all of the West Estates their territory and woe betide any that breech “their” peace. Although Melnikova fell to the blight over three hundred years ago, the Maximov still insisting that their ruling matriarch is addressed as Ducesa.


• Ducesa Natalya Julchya Maximov

House Antonovska

The Antonovska govern Casokova and as such raise the levies for the Casokovan regiments.

To support the regiments there are a large number of local taxes in Casokova, the Antonovska are notorious spendthrifts.

Day to day administration of the Regiments rests with Marshal Kolya Antonovskictt Aslanov also called “the Grim”. At 6’8” Marshal Kolya is a huge bear of a man. He is known to be ferocious protective of “his” regiments.


• Grafinya Sofia Irchya Antonovska
• Marshal Kolya Antonovskictt Aslanov

House Petrova

Like the Sivoski, the Petrova have brought their way into the nobility.

They are second generation nobility, still loud and brash, and with their fingers firmly into trade. Their ships travel to the new lands and they have a lucrative trade route to Hagreda carrying luxury goods.

The Petrova are openly practicing Issakians and have contributed significant funds towards the Saint’sHouse.


• Boznicha Darya Ladchèa Petrova

Nobility and Gentry

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