The Sinks

Doom: 4-5
Typical Wealth Range: 1 – 2


The Sinks extend north of the new walls; a sprawling tangle of tenements, hovels, tanneries, flop houses, drug dens and gambling parlours. They are built above the results of several hundreds of years of coal mining. Though the mines are now largely tapped out the descendants of the miners have remained.

A wild west district with little oversight from House Sivoski. Provided the activities of the natives don’t impinge upon the day to day running of greater Gelles the inhabitants of the Sinks are left to their own devices.

Only the major streets are paved and many of the alleys never see the light of day due to the height of the buildings. What sewers there are, are open, normally a channel in the centre of the street, and empty into the river Lensh.
A wise visitor would do well to travel with trusted companions, especially off the major though fares.

It is not uncommon for sections of road or buildings to suddenly settle, or in extreme cases drop away. Despite this unsettling hazard the Sinks are a vibrant mixing point of cultures with a tight, inward facing, sense of community.

Places & Personalities of Interest

Two steps:
The Dyemarket:
The Depths:
The BlackGate:
Ulgol Daroska: the Coal Path
The Shrine of :
The Rag Market:
The Wand and Fig



The Sinks

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