The Under Town

Doom: 5
Theme(s): Decrepit Splendor; Dubious Safety
Typical Wealth Range: 0 – 3


The final refuge of the down trodden, the unwanted, and the very wanted. The Under Town is an inter-connected labyrinth made up of sewers, catacombs, abandoned coal mines, hidden tunnels and ancient caves.

It is whispered that an enterprising rogue can travel from the Weeping Gate to the Bastion without ever having to step into the light of day. But such a rogue had best be well connected and well-armed, for the denizens of the Under Town are protective of their hard won territories.

Periodically internecine warfare erupts through the byways of the Under town. So long as the violence doesn’t spill over to the streets the Furstinna allows such “under-wars” to run their course; a convenient release valve for the pressures of low society.

But, should an under-war spill over, House Sivoski has proven to be ruthless in its response. The last intervention was seven years ago. It saw the total extinction of the Cowled Sisterhood of Bortnika, the Demodova Banda and the Lantsochena Banda during what has come to be known as the Seven Nights of the Shriek.

Places & Personalities of Interest

The Hypogeum of Minin (Legendary): Carved in to the understrata and said to predate the settlement of Gelles. Its bizarre architecture is such that if a man stands at the right point within the complex they can entrance everyone within the complex, causing listeners to experience lucid waking dreams and moments of extreme creativity and insight.

The Admiral Below: A subterranean tavern that exists near the docks in an ancient sea cave. It is neutral ground, of a sort, to many of the criminal fraternity. Gambling, cage fighting and all other manner of perversions are said to be available there, for the right price. The current owner of the Admiral is Kostya “the Claw”. He is so named due to the chitinous claw that grows in place of his right hand.

The Shaded Cannels: A series of channels that have been, mostly, built over. They run beneath the West Estates district and are popular with a certain sort noble crowd. The various dives and dens that crowd the channels are all Crimson Dagger territory. Almost as dangerous as the daggers are the Respectable Order of Hypogeal Gondoliers, an blood thirsty and

The New Sewers: Run beneath Sainthouse and Kopriva districts, they are the pinnacle of Gelles engineering and have led to the rise of the popular new internal garderobes found in many new buildings in these districts. Sadly in summer when water flow drops they can become very pungent. During their construction a large number of residences were demolished, often with no attempt made to fill in their basements and understories. Many of these are now used by enterprising souls who access them via the Sewers.
The New Sewers are patrolled by Sewer Scouts. These individual are charged with maintaining the sewers and venting dangerous gas build-ups.

The Deeps: Located under the, mostly, abandoned mines of the Sinks. The Deeps are a series of natural caverns. They are unsettling and none but the most desperate would consider seeking refuge there. At their deepest point there are said to be sulphurous vents that spew forth foul and toxic gases. Hidden is the deeps are also said to be an ossuary for the faithful of the lost god Boyubshemboi.


Cave-ins; Flash Floods; Troglodytes; Gangs; Death traps; Blighted beasts; Explosive gas; The Shriek.


The Under Town

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