The Wand and Fig


The Wand and Fig

Doom: 3
Theme(s): Aspires to be better than it is.

Wealth Level: 3


A public house located outside of the Old Town Wall near the banks of the Lensh. It consists of a large common room with jacks out the back and 3 snugs. There are rooms for staff and “other entertainments” on the second floor

The kitchen serves a range of faire with aspirations of class, but the meat is generally of a cheaper cut than the finer establishments within the old town wall.

Because of its convenient locations, outside the old wall, close to the Sinks and near to the Juliette it is possible to come across members of almost any social strata in the Wand and Fig.


Dosia: The owner of the Fig. A giant of a woman with a booming laugh. Of Cenzian decent. Wears a blond wig and is proud of her fine moustache. Is surprisingly light on her feat for such a large woman.

Yaroslav: Head chief. A Kuzarcanian with a terrible temper.

Varya (f), Tamara (f) , Rolan (t), Nina (f), Avgust (m): Serving staff of negotiable affections

Menu Items

  • Cog House Rum
  • Revinbek stout
  • Lukian Red
  • Kvas (A fizzy bread drink)
  • Ryazhenka (fermented yogurt)
  • Black Bean Stew;
  • Goulash (stew)
  • Golubcet (fillings wrapped in cabbage)
  • Bliny (pancakes)
  • Hard Bread/Coal Bread


Rowdy slumming nobles/gentry; Up market toughs; Informants; Cutting edge Kuzarcanian cuisine

The Wand and Fig

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