Session 12

Previously on SBK...


Earlier today you delivered a locked box to Niko the Shiv to clear your assorted debts.

After a fraught morning involving explosions, magic, gangsters and the sewers a quiet drink at the Wand and Fig seemed to be called for.

But the quiet drink has proven to be anything but.

Constantine has discovered that Nina, a previous lover, may be pregnant with his child. Boris received disturbing news from a drunken clown and Sydmoi has been lambasted by his rival in love, the detestable Leon Orbeli.

Driven to seek revenge for his humiliation Sydmoi set out to commit assault by chamber-pot and it was only the quick thinking of Boris and Constantine that prevented a fetid scene.

Our scene opens with Sydmoi standing in the common room of the Wand & Fig, a jug of ale in one hand, a brimming chamber-pot in the other, as he is bore down upon by Vitaly Sanuk Chernekova, the elder brother of his beloved Arabella.


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