Session 14

Previously on SBK...


Niko the Shiv, a minor notable in the ever shifting underworld of the Sinks, is no more.

Returning to Yasha’s Pre-owned Goods to seek help hiding yourselves from the Drugenna, you discovered Niko expiring from a cut throat and his bodyguard, Olya, stunned from a head wound.

While Sydmoi comforted Niko and Constantine subdued an upset parrot, Boris gave chase to a fleeing figure. Pursuing the cloaked and masked figure into a courtyard Boris had time to hurl a dagger at it before it melted into the cobblestones. Shaken, Boris returned to the pawnshop.

Now you have a ledger book with a bloody IV smeared on it, a Zerglov honour blade, a concussed bodyguard and a pissed off parrot.

Still at least Constantine finally got to get cleaned up, even if it was a cold wash in the bath of a dead man.


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